Power company punishes me for conservation

Highbeam Posted By Highbeam, Jul 23, 2013 at 12:04 PM

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  1. BoilerMan

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    Apr 16, 2012
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    Please understand that this is in no way intended at you.

    Does anyone ever feel like their meter is reading low and the PC should come out and change it? If it is in fact reading low they are being shorted $$$. No one ever cares if their bill is low, only if they think it's too high.

  2. billjustbill

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    Dec 26, 2008
    The local Co-op I have to live with did almost the same thing, except the power surges from a transfer from their old power lines to a new set of poles and lines for miles both ways knocked out over $1,000 worth of electrical items.... "It was because of 'my' poor grounding that has actually worked flawlessly for 30 years!!!!! PLUS, the real choker is that if you have a problem with their meter, 'they' take it and check it....not an independent lab. It's like "the fox watching the hen house"....

    I've spent the last 2 years collecting solar panels, equipment, and heavy wire. Paying for it with our own garage sales and the sale of gold and sterling silver found at local garage sales for pennies to 50cents on the dollar.... By the time I'm finished, I'll get the 30% tax credit this year, too. It will amount to about $5,000.

    In this coming October, I'll be able to have a 24v, 3.5kw off grid system.... We have a power company $15 monthly charge, so there is no minimum and no penalty. I WILL NOT be on any type of buy-back/grid tie with my system. Have eight 880ah L16 six volt batteries and two 3,500 watt Outback inverters, I can run just about all my 120v circuits including clothes washer, dishwasher, DLP tv, hair dryer, lights, computer, etc. I'm going to use the grid for my heavy amp start-up 220v items like the clothes dryer, kitchen range, and deep water well pumps...

    It will feel so good 'to stick it to them', one watt at a time!! ;>)
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