PP38+ With Manual Settings


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Oct 7, 2019
New Hampshire
Hey everyone,
I'm new here, but have been reading the forums for a few years. I have a Harmon P68 that heats my whole house in the basement. I just bought an older PP38+ to help heat the upper floors of the house. This pellet stove is the old 2 knob manual lite. I am trying to find the manual for this stove that shows the 2 knob operation. Everything I find shows the control board with the thermostat. Stove seams fine to run, but I really would like to have the manual for my exact stove. Does nayone know where I can find it?

I was also told this was a 2009, but I do not know how to tell. Would anyone know that year this is?

Thanks for the help!



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Mar 12, 2009
East-Central MO
Not sure of the year but I do have a copy (.pdf) of the 2 knob user manual. Message me and I can send you a copy.