? Pre Burning a pellet stove ?

Choppedliver Posted By Choppedliver, Jan 19, 2006 at 4:41 AM

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  1. Choppedliver

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    Jan 19, 2006
    Denver Colorado
    I have a question for both stove dealers and recent pellet stove purchasers

    Dealers: Do you pre-burn pellet stoves before you Install or sell them ? What all do you look for? What do customers say when you tell them the stove has already been burned an hour or two?

    Stove owners: Did your Dealer pre-burn your pellet stove before you had it installed or delivered? Was that service a good thing or bad? Did the dealer give you any kind of paperwork saying you stove was pre-burned and it passed?

    We have pre-burned a few stoves over the years for customers that requested it but I'm think about burning everyone of them that comes in to me before it is avaliable to sell. I don't think this would save any man hours, there are only a few stoves a year that are "bad in the box" but there are out there. I have 5 to 10 Pellet stoves a year out or 150 to this year 270 total pellet stoves that have a loose conection, Buzz, rattle or broken part. Most of the 5 to 10 stoves are just a glitch that we can typically fix right a way. There alway the other one' like (PETE S HARMAN BUZZING XXV) Know matter how much he may like his stove now, he will alway remember it took 4 trips and 3 months to fix his brand new $3000.00 pellet stove.
  2. moog5

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    Dec 29, 2005
    Shingle Springs, CA
    When they delivered my XXV stove it had not been preburned, and to tell you the truth, as a customer buying a brand new stove, if it were anything but perfectly clean inside, I would have been a little dismayed (unless they told me about it well before the delivery). Something about the word "new", means "not a floor model", or a "return". During the install, I remember seeing the "Gold Warranty" card getting pulled from the burn pot, and getting that feeling you get when you sit in and smell a new car.

    If during the sale, or prior to delivery they explained that a preburn would be performed to iron out any issues (loose parts, etc.) I would likely say "great, no problem and thanks for the extra effort of trying to avoid problems".
  3. hearthtools

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    Jan 6, 2006
    Oakhurst, California, USA, Earth
    we did Pre burn but some people would get upset thinking we are selling them a used stove.
    So we only pre burn if asked.
    We do stay around for about 20 minutes after we start to the stove (evern in the summer and when we do service calls)just to be sure all fans and limit switches are working correcly.
  4. Shane

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    Nov 21, 2005
    Casper Wyoming
    That's what we do. Run the customer through the stove maintenance and operation then light it up let it go through the start up mode. I don't think that I would ever pre-burn a stove unless asked to do so. Goes with the new car smell thing. I've unboxed stoves to fit in my van better when transporting to a home and been questioned about its "newness".
  5. HarryBack

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    Dec 27, 2005
    Western Massachusetts
    We dont preburn either, but I do know of another dealer who INSISTS that each stove is preburned before it leaves their shop. makes good sense....sometimes you uncrate a unit that needs a bit of work.....just how it is. You would have to explain that to the customer, of course, so they knew to expect some residue in the stove. The customer who "wants it now, and right now" might be a problem, as I imagine it takes a couple hours to uncrate, setup, burn, and cool.......I like the idea though.
  6. warminwisco

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    Jan 8, 2006
    Earth Sense in Dale, Wi preburns them all I believe and sells thousands of stoves a year. I was happy they did mine. There was a little ash in the firepot area. I would think you can tell if you burned a quart of pellets or any thing even close to a hopper full. i have heard it is nice not to have the fresh paint smell in your house so he preburns them all in the sheds and warehouse on the block that he owns. Anyway Thanks
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