Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Pre-buy Pricing (not far from Reading or Hamburg, PA)


Oct 1, 2012
Near Limerick, PA
The Early Buy pricing sale started at Kegerreis Stoves today. They are in Bernville, PA 19506. Its not too far from Hamburg or Reading, PA. Google it if you want to see where they are.
Pricing, per ton, if you didn't buy a stove from them is ($10 less a ton if you bought stove from them)
American Hardwood - $240
American Softwood - $245
Turman - $245
Hamer - $245
Energex - $245
Allegheny - $245
They'll store them until the end of March 2020 for another $15/ton. Storage is inside!
They also can deliver, it looks like up to 7 tons in a trip

I just order 2 tons of Turman and 1 ton of American Softwood. Might buy more on the my next CC billing cycle

I've got no connection to them, other then being a customer.



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Nov 19, 2005
Berks County PA.
just to clarify the prices you have listed are before the 10 bucks off a ton for buying the stove from them.