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BrianK Posted By BrianK, Sep 8, 2013 at 10:00 PM

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    We attended Mountain Craft Days at the Somerset PA historical center today. One of their displays is a reproduction of a 1770's frontier homestead. Notice the construction of the fireplace and the external chimney. It's log and clay/mud. The individual explaining the construction said the chimney was deliberately built separate from the log cabin so that if there was a chimney fire it could be pulled down off the building to save the rest of the building. The fireplace is so big that he said the logs in the fireplace and chimney don't really get hot in their reproduction homestead but accidental fires were not uncommon in these homesteads.

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    My brother built a small log cabin when he was a young boy. It had a similar fireplace and he burned wood in it all the time. Slept in it too. Only wish I had a picture to show you. He was only about 10 or so when he did it. Cut all the logs with a hatchet.
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    I was at Plimouth Plantation a few weeks ago and took a few pics up the chimneys. These are pretty large openings. The day we were there was warm and smoke was going out the loft vents as it did not have much draft.

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