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mtnmizer Posted By mtnmizer, Jun 30, 2008 at 12:48 PM

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    Jun 19, 2008
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    I have tons of questions on wood boilers
    and have many answered by searching through
    the archives but it seems that as soon as one
    gets answered it brings up a new question.

    While awaiting delivery of the new boiler I'm working
    towards getting some storage in place. While reviewing
    others installations of pressurized tanks I see a pressure
    tank is needed. Is this the same as used on a domestic
    well? Does it need to be install next to the tank or can
    it be placed down line in another room? How does one
    size the pressure tank?

    I have a 500gal propane tank that could be used. It is too large to
    go into the basement so it would have to be placed next to the
    house and have a structure built around it.. Is that a suitable
    arriangement? Would insulated pex be able to be used for
    this? Special type?

    Lastly it has occured that some sort of rectangular storage
    tank would be ideal. Automotive radiators are pressurized
    so it seem it's possible. Could a welding shop fabricate
    a 5x6x2.5 tank out of mild steel? 12 ga or so. Lots of internal
    baffles for strength, bent corners/sides. These systems are low
    pressure 1012lbs so test to 1.5 times? Sorry so long.

    Any and all thoughts
    appreciated... MM
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