Q&A Problem with the fan mechanism on Grizzly Stove Insert

QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 17, 2007 at 9:46 PM

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    I have a Grizzly Woodburning Stove Insert -- have had it for many years. Recently, the fan (has three speeds: low, medium and high) has been "surging" on and almost off when the stove is burning wood. It does this while engaged in all speeds, but it most noticeable on "low" speed. The store where we purchased the stove is no longer in business and I cannot find "Grizzly Stoves" on the Internet. Can anyone there please help me understand why my fan is doing this??? Could it be the thermostat??? Is this surging on and off dangerous???


    A company called RJM manufacturing which can be reached at:
    may have parts for this...
    2/2007 - A user says
    "I have the same insert and experienced the same problem. A replacement blower is available from Grainger and some internet retailers. It is the same blower that is in the Grizzley stoves. It is Grainger item# 4C754 and the manfacturer (Dayton) #4C754. The only thing about this blower is it is a one speed so a speed control is nice to add."
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