problems with my enviro ef3 f/s unit

stinger68 Posted By stinger68, Nov 30, 2008 at 3:40 PM

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    Nov 30, 2008
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    Hi guys I`m having trouble with my enviro ef3 freestanding pelet stove this year.Ibought the unit last year and it worked great we loved it.I`m pretty particular about regular cleaning on my unit so i usually clean it out every saturday really good.I cleaned the exaust fan yesterday i torn almost the whole unit down and gave it a great cleaning but it was not that bad.Ok my problem is when i have the stove dial a fire knob turned on 1/4 or even 12oclock position the unit does not produce hardly any heat so i turned it up to 3/4 on dial a fire and hadrly any difference.on half on the dial a fire last night it only burnt about not even a 1/4 of the bag i put in the hopper.Last year that would of been alot more pellets being used and the heat was better.My flame is only small all the time even now on 3/4 on dial a fire with warm air coming out.I have a wett certifed installer come out to check the unit for me and he thought the dial a fire button was defective so i put a new dial a fire unit in saturday.The stove still runs crappy and i`m really getting frustrated with this unit.It starts no problem the fans work the auger is turning man but when the dial af ire is set on half or more i should have a decent flame and nice heat.I think it has to be a pellet feed problem it seems that every time the auger light comes on-low heat setting 1/4 and to 12oclock postion it is at 3sec on 8 sec off now the unit is on 3/4 on dial a fire its flashing on 3 sec on 6 off. OK that said it seems that about every third movement of the auger i get a few pellets drop and only about 3 or 4 pellets-if that. its not consistant at all and i thik thats why a small flame is present.I try and move the damper and hardly any difference in the little crappy flame that i have.If anyone can shed some help it would be great.
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