Propane Ceiling Support Box | Went from Wood Stove to Propane now back to Wood

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New Member
Oct 25, 2023
Saint Paul, MN
Hi folks, I've been lurking around the forum quite a bit, but ran into something and decided to post 🙂

I'm trying to figure out this ceiling support box + chimney pipe situation.

The tech that came out tells me that the previous owners initially set it up for a wood stove. Then they switched to propane (the previous owners). You can see the pipe they were using.

Here's the ceiling box (a video and an image):

Propane Ceiling Support Box | Went from Wood Stove to Propane now back to Wood

Here is a picture of the adjustable stove pipe, and the straight liner pipe that was in the chimney previously.
Propane Ceiling Support Box | Went from Wood Stove to Propane now back to Wood

I'm working with a Drolet Bistro that uses 6" pipe.

What I'm trying to figure out is:
1. Can I use a piece of DuraTech adjustable pipe with that ceiling support box? (My guess is no). Shucks, is there any brand I could use with a box of unknown origin/brand?
2. If no, is there a way to do this without replacing the whole chimney and the ceiling support box?

Much appreciated!
Looks like a fresh start may be your safest bet.
The combo you have now appears cobbled.
My opinion only.
Be safe.
It looks to me that when the previous owners switched from wood to gas they switched out the stove pipe with gas pipe up to the support box then used a 4” liner for gas up through the existing chimney. This is the same setup I was quoted at when I was thinking about switching from wood to gas.

If this is the case (I would have the chimney inspected) then you should be able to connect stove pipe up to your support box. May also have to change out chimney cap if it’s a gas cap.
Have a certified sweep do a thorough inspection of the flue system. Make sure it is up to current requirements for wood burning. It the chimney pipe is old it may not be up to class A HT 2100 spec. If it's air-cooled chimney, that is a strong clue it's not. If it is modern chimney pipe and there are no issues, then a wood stove can be connected.