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bluecloud Posted By bluecloud, Jan 7, 2013 at 12:21 AM

  1. bluecloud

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    Jan 7, 2013
    I recently purchased a PSG Caddy wood furnace and have installed it myself. I finished the new chimney and ductwork, and have been controlling it manually for about a week (I ran a 12/2 wire with a switch to the fan motor) . I am now going to put the controls and wiring on it. I think I have figured everything out as far as which wire goes where (not very clear in the manual, and some of it wasn't translated to English very well).

    I am wondering how the wires for the transformer should be connected? I have some of those little snap-on connectors that go on the tabs (often used on automotive applications). The terminals are exposed, and it seems to me like they should be in some type of enclosure. I guess it is only 24 volts, probably not enough to get shocked on. But still seems odd to be exposed, and doesn't look very nice. I am going to run everything in conduit, just to keep it neat and protect from the heat. But it is hard to transition from those little tabs into conduit.

    Has anyone made a little box to cover the transformer?
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    I agree, the owners manual could use a little more polish to it. Their is a updated manual on the PSG's web site, but it still could use some help IMHO.

    One leg of the t-stat wire will need to go onto one of the screws on the 24V transformer. You will then need to run another one pair ( I used t-stat wire ) wire from the draft damper to the 24V transformer. You will need to screw one of the legs of that wire from the draft damper onto the other screw on the 24V transformer. The two wires left over will need tied together. If you have taken any electrical classes or know the basics of electricity, think of it as the thermostat closing the circuit / connection. I had a hard time figuring it out until I got that into my head.

    I used plain old two wire thermostat wire for mine and have not had any issues with it melting or deforming.

    If you need some pics let me know.


  3. FyreBug

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    Just call our tech department or

    I'm not overly familiar with the wiring but they should be able to fix you in a jiffy.

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