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katwillny Posted By katwillny, Feb 10, 2013 at 9:22 AM

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    Loaded the 30 last night at around 10 with Locust and Cherry stuffed to the top of the brick line. Filled up the Breckwell with an old baf of Penningtons that I had from some years a go and woke up this morning to a 78 degree average upstairs and downstairs. Nothing special about that most will say. The one thing that makes it worthwhile for me to post is the pic attached to this post. Oh and the fact that I got my electric and gas bill yesterday for two months and it was $201 total for two months. I saw my neighbor talking to his wife outside and he calls me over and says "Mind if I see your bill"? he only gasped when he saw it, my gasp was even bigger when i saw theirs. ALMOST NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR THE SAME TWO MONTHS :eek: . same style of house, same family size, my windows are drafty and his are fairly new. He is sold and was all over this site last night doing research. He may go with the 30.

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