Quad CB1200 creaking noise

cncpro Posted By cncpro, Nov 18, 2009 at 2:17 PM

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    Hey everybody,

    This year I have a really strange creaking noise in my stove. The stove is running perfectly in spite of the noise so I am not too concerned but I was curious if this could mean something is about to fail or if it's just normal noise...

    It sounds sort-of like a really squeaky door being slowly opened...

    The noise is sort of intermittent. The noise comes and goes but not necessarily cycling with the auger cycle... In other words it seems to squeak for a while then run quiet for a while... back & forth...

    I am guessing that the noise is from pellets being squeezed between the auger and the auger tube...

    I removed all the pellets from the whole auger tube and the noise stopped and the auger appeared to be in fine shape from what little I can see of it from inside the hopper...

    The only thing different about this year is that I am burning soft wood pellets for the first time (LG Granules) and I am thinking that something in the composition of the pellets makes them more likely to squeak in the auger tube...

    Does anybody else have a similar noise with a CB1200 or LG Granules ?

    Thanks !
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