Quadra Fire Classic Bay 1200i no blue light and shorted out issue

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Oct 5, 2012
NE Ohio
Quadra Fire Classic Bay 1200i no blue light and shorted out issue--
Original problem was the convection blower was not coming on. So, I unplugged stove, disconnected the two purple wires running to Snap Disk #1 for convection blower, connected them together with a paper clip, plugged stove back in and restarted it and viola, convection blower came on right away. So, I concluded that snap disk #1 was defective. However, the hot wired purple wires touched the left panel door and shorted out the stove, a very stupid mistake. I checked the fuse and it looked okay but when stove was reconnected and turned on there was zero response, and no blue light and no fan. A few questions: 1) Could snap disc #3 just be tripped, and if so where is it exactly and how does one reset it and/or test it after locating it? 2) Of, if snap disc #3 is not the issue, I suppose the control panel is fried? If it is, how difficult is it to replace a control panel on this unit for an inexperienced person?
Thanks very much in advance for help.
hi i just installed that same stove . i have a question this stove while burning pelletts it - to - me anyway seems to be blowing to much air UP into the fire pot blowing the pelletts up out of the pot before totally burned creating a lot of ash blowing around inside is this normal for this kind of stove or is there an adjustment the burn rate is set to 1 in the control box and i have played with the adjustment in the hopper it is burning clean and hot ive never seen one blowing with so much pressure up out of the pot but im new to this stove just wondering is this normal?
I would think you fried the control box. I have a Quad Mt. Vernon Insert and as far as replacing items, the hardest part is getting to it. None of it is especially complicated but sometimes I have to be a contortionist to get to the stuff. They look to be $200 ish....