Quadra-fire Discovery I ???

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New Member
Aug 14, 2018
South Carolina
So I'm looking to get into wood heat again after having a awful propane bill last year. Just looking to to heat maybe 1000 sq ft.
Been searching for a while and pretty much narrowed it down to the Quadra-fire Discovery I. I like the size, its recommended clearance to combustibles, and the fact it has a little wood storage built in as it is being installed in a smallish already crowded room.
Does anyone here have one? how do you like it.. or not?

Thanks Below is a link to the stove..



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Jun 4, 2018
Nice! Bet that costs a wad.


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Should be a nice little stove. I suspect it is at heart a 2100 Millennium in a different wrapper.

ashes to ashes

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Apr 1, 2022
Good looking stove. Did you buy it and do you like it? I hope you're happy with it, because I ordered 1 of these just today for install in a new home. Price has increased (what hasn't lately) to $2,179 now. Installation from an authorized dealer costing me $3,000 on top of that, for a straight up install through 8' high flat ceiling room, 2' of attic, and through a standing seam low pitch steel roof. Foam insulated house, so I'm hoping for the best on backup emergency heat and just good pretty flames in chilly weather. Reviews on the identical firebox Millenium 2100 are good- seems like a dependable unit with decent results. Ability to change out any standard 12x12 tile on the sides is a great little decor gimmick. Looking forward to using this stove this season as a first time wood stove owner. I hope I picked a winner.


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Mar 17, 2023
Murphy, NC
I know this is an old thread but I think it may help others decide on this unit. First time posting here and have been reading on this for many months. I think this one is great for a small to medium house and at $2179 (about $4700 with chimney and install minus tax credits of 30%), so about $3300 after credit. This being eligible for the tax credit helped me decide. I think it's a great deal.

I finally got the Discovery 1 installed almost 2 months ago. Have had it burning for a total of a few weeks off and on (been out of town some) and so far I'm quite happy with it. I'm in lower NC near Murphy and weather so far has only dropped down into the upper teens once or twice and mostly has been 20's night time and 40's daytime when I'm heating with it. The house is only around 830 SQ. feet and fairly well insulated. I recently redid the insulation, windows and doors.

Fit and finish to me seems good. Really like the open pedestal wood storage since my place is so small. Had considered the Blaze King Sirocco 20.2 but it is $1100-$1500 more. This is my first time with a wood stove which is replacing a very old wood fireplace so my opinion is somewhat limited. The controls are not too difficult to understand although I would have liked a little more explanation on their function, as in how the airflow works with each different control. I have noticed that even with air controls wide open it will still draw a large amount of air in when I open the door and fire will flare up. This tells me that the chimney draft is good but incoming air is restricted. It does have an outside air kit installed. I don't know if that behavior is normal or not. I suspect the controls need adjusting and I'll be in touch with manufacturer. Starting a fire was very easy and the amount of wood used during the day is easily less than half of my old fireplace and probably about 25% of what I used to burn daily. So far I can only guess at what the longest burn time would be since I have limited time using it and the house is so small that I have only been burning small fires in it.

My dislikes are; First, it makes a lot of noise while cooling or heating. I don't have enough knowledge of wood stoves to say if mine is above or below normal on the noise though. Once stabilized at a temp it is fine. Second, problem I have had is related to the small size of my house. I like keeping the house in the 60's and after having gotten the fire going I have a hard time keeping it burning low enough to last through the night and not overheat the house. Third, I think the burn time would not be 7 hours as they claim. Not really an issue with me as I can't fill it with too much wood because of small house size. Still learning though on that. Very easy for me to clean and I can definitely recommend this stove.

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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Nice review, thanks. The stove looks great there. Can you put a brief summary in the Ratings section too?