New member. So many questions. What stove??????

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No. Yes, hotter than 212 F, but I don't think hot enough to make it a cooking surface.

Also the paint will scratch if you move any pan or pot.
An interesting point of discussion. Maybe a survey is in order about how many folks actually use their stoves to cook on? When we first started is the NZ market, we were told without a water tank that hangs on the back of the stove, they would not sell. "Every stove has to have the tank". Well, I can confirm that is not true.

But the idea of being able to cook on the surface of the stove is a great talking point. Just in emergencies?

There are many new wood cook stoves (including Kuma) if cooking is a truly viable need and the units are not required to go through emissions testing. Some of units from Europe are very nice looking as well.