Quadra Fire SantaFe exhaust rebuild.

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New Member
Oct 30, 2023
Greetings group lots of good info here long time lurker first time poster.
I thought I would post my mis adventures in rebuilding a 2003 Quadrafire SantaFe exhaust system.
There are several issues with the design of the Quadrafire SantaFe that I had to address:
  • The gap between the "exhaust transition assembly" #31 on the diagram and the "exhaust blower" is too big to fill with sealant and needs to be welded.
  • The "exhaust transition assembly " does not extend far enough out the rear of the stove to make a proper transition to vent pipe. At first I thought mine just had been cut short but then comparing to the one on the diagram I concluded it needs to be extended.
  • The diagram does not show the housing & stove gasket and the motor and housing gasket locations.
  • The motor is attached to the housing with plain coarse thread sheet-metal screws , there is no way to re-do this and get a tight seal.