Quadra Fire Sante Fe Exhaust Motor Only starts when spun

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New Member
Dec 21, 2023
Just picked up a 2004 Sante Fe. Very clean unit and the previous owner took very good care of it.

First burn went pretty well until the unit spontaneously shut down. The exhaust blower will not turn on when the thermostat calls for heat..however...if I reach my hand in and manually give the exhaust wheel a good spin or two the fan will engage. I tried running power directly to the exhaust fan and same result...it will not start unless given a good manual spin. I vacuumed out the fan and used compressed air to clean it up but the results are the same.

Ok, so now the exhaust fan is running but nothing else happens. Pellets do not drop. I disconnect the vacuum hose and suck on the end slightly and boom...pellets start dropping. Would I be correct in assuming that my exhaust fan, although functioning, is just not putting out the CFM to trigger the vacuum switch or am I missing something here? Fan looks and sounds very weak when running and definitely has a couple bearings on the way out.
If it will not start on its own it is time to replace
Probably bad or dirty commutator or worn out brushs