Quadra fire trekker stove

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Jan 14, 2017
Does any of you know if quadra fire make this piece for a 2 inch OAK? This is what my installers rigged up on the back of my stove. The outside diameter of this piece is 3 inch but as you can see it was modified to “make it work”. They installed a OAK on my stove to help with a smoke in the house issue. Didnt really solve the issue as i have discussed on here before. Most recently i decided to upgrade to 4 inch venting so i bought a pelletvent pro 4 inch wall thimble with 2 inch OAK to replace the 3 inch wall thimble with 2 inch OAK that they installed. When i got to the back of the stove to unhook the flex hose they had installed the 2 inch hose and tried to secure with the three screws and then used foil duct tape to seal. Very unprofessional job to say the least. So my question is does quad make this piece to attach to back of stove in 2 inch so i can use my new thimble or can i just get a piece of 3 inch pvc pipe and reduce down so that the 2 inch OAK flex will slide over it properly and connect with a hose clamp? Also i feel pretty sure this piece was on the stove from Quadra fire but the hole in back of stove is only 2 inch but because they originally installed the 3 inch venting duravent doesnt make a 3 inch wall thimble with a 3 inch OAK. They only make a 4 inch wall thimble with the option of 2 or 3 inch OAK intake.


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Nov 5, 2011
Kananaskis,Alberta, Canada
can you post a pic of the back of your stove and the thimble?