QuadraFire CB1200 Classic Bay Side Doors Mag Latch Upgrade

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Minister of Fire
Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
I like the easy of servicing the magnetic latch side doors have. Unfortunately the older CB1200s have the side mounted magnets mounted in a plastic case the clips into the metal brackets. The plastic clips break and the plastic melts and warps from the heat! Fortunately there is an update kit. It is called:
Quadra-Fire 1200 FS Magnetic Latch - For side curtain air deflector # 812-3821
These new magnetic latches have the magnets surface mounted with no plastic to melt or break! :)
Now the doors stay closed!
Has anyone else done this?

Pic 1-2 - Shows old latches
Pic 3 - Updated magnet latch kit
Pic 4 - Updated magnetic latches

8A3D6001-6816-448A-89E5-87EE495A134E.jpeg 35537CFE-E5DF-4513-827A-E1857CB53A92.jpeg 0BB11494-54AA-4CF9-93B0-846BE49F104E.png A4A74F65-C1DF-4B55-A0AD-F8753BF3F1B7.jpeg