Quadrafire outfitter II question

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Jan 8, 2012
I found a used Quadrafire outfitter II pellet stove on facebook market place for sale. He says it needs a new control board. The model is CAB50..He is asking $450 for the stove. Is this a good deal or to high since it needs a control board. He told me under $200 for a new board. Been looking online and I don't see any that cheap. Most I see are around $260. What do you guys think?


Mar 6, 2020
Allegany County, NY
Hi, it sounds like that stove is a Quadrafire or Heatilator Eco-Choice CAB50 which is a different stove from the Outfitter II. I have the CAB50. The Outfitter series (essentially dealer supported Pelpro stoves) replaced the CAB series this past year. That said, the cheapest control board for the CAB series stoves I see online is currently $209 from Pellethead/Earthsense Energy Systems. I’ve had mixed results with their aftermarket products but the board they sell is supposedly OEM. They also sell a refurbished one but for the extra coin I’d buy a new one, but that’s just me. If the stove is otherwise in good condition that may not be a bad price depending on how old it is. I bought mine used for twice that almost 3 years ago and it’s a workhorse. Easy to clean and maintain, parts easy to get and heats my whole house. So far I’ve replaced the auger motor, exhaust fan and thermocouple which isn’t bad for an older stove. Board is good. 👍
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