QuadraFire pellet stove auger will cycle ccw and next cycle will cycle cw.

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Mar 25, 2024
When my wife and I cleaned out our Quadra-Fire Contour pellet stove, it would not start up again. Went to check the fuse and the fuse holder would tun and not release fuse. To get a better grip on the fuse block I removed the module (big mistake) without unplugging power cord. A spark occurred and fried two of the contacts on the module but worse two corresponding connections on female block also fried. Ordered a new module (7000-704) and stove still not working. Ordered out the junction box and got some improvement but not yet working right. Junction box (7001-194) was not the exact part put was told from Hearth Home Technologies that it was an upgrade and correct part. I had #2 and #1 snap disc reversed wired. Corrected that and now stove was performing correctly. After 15 minutes of running the pellet augur stop feeding and the fire died out. Did the diagnostics of jumping the vacuum switch, snap disc #1, and set module to 0 model setting. This allowed combustion blower, ignitor, feed motor, and convection blower to cycle for 10 sec. Saw the feed motor would run cw than next cycle ccw. Any clue as to direction I need to take now? Only number on the feed motor UFR1UH8V25CNNFZG11 could this be the part number. Do you have a site for Qudra-Fire contour parts?
sounds like the capacitor for the auger motor is failing. change the cap and see if that helps
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