Quadrafire Santa Fe won't operate on thermostat.

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Nov 17, 2022
Quadrafire Santa Fe operated normally last year off of a simple thermostat mounted on wall.
This season, when switched to heat, the stove runs normally and shuts down when desired temp is teached.. But once stove shuts down, it won't restart on its own, I need to turn off thermostat and back on for another heat cycle.
It's a generic thermostat.
Any suggestions?

Also, I just replaced the thermocouple, but it was operating fine before that went out.
Sounds like the thermostat's bad. Have you tried just shorting the wires there? The thermostat just has two states from the stove's point of view -- either the wires are connected or separated, so current goes through the loop out to the thermostat or not. The stove has no memory of which cycle the thermostat's on, just whether it's sending current through or not.
I would be checking to see if thermostat wires are loose.
Hi there, I am also having same issues with a hardwired thermostat. It won’t come up to temp. It’s only two weeks since operating. Started acting erratic going very low at night then ok then back to barley hearing the room. Dealer wants me to remove baffle and see if air exchangers are dusty. I’m like it’s two weeks old! But before they can get me a new thermostat I must preform this stupid protocol. Ugh! I’ve used more time on this machine.
Thanks. Feeling burnt out but not warm
Remove the thermostat from the system and see how it heats
Try it in manual mode
If you don't like the maintenance then a pellet stove is not for you
For optimal performance they need maintenance
Yes, I agree 2 weeks is a little too early but how many bags of pellets were used?
Sounds like a bad stat.
Tell the dealer you did what
he asked and it made no difference
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The basic $20-ish programmable thermostat you can find in the hardware store or online will work fine with that stove. The dealer jerking you around about replacing the bad one is just petty. Simple to replace it yourself if it's worth $20 and a few minutes of your time to spare yourself arguing with the jerk. I've been running my Santa Fe happily for years on a cheap Honeywell thermostat.
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I've had a new Quad classic Bay installed last May and I sat down with my manual to learn how to program my wall thermostat. I have it now on a swing of 2 but I want to change that back to 1. I'll have to sit down and read my manual again so I'm comfortable changing things. I burned a ton of pellets since I bought the unit and I know it's time to clean it but the dealership said that I can wait till spring. I'm not going to wait. I'm going to have you all teach me this week how to do that chimney cleaning.
If you're replacing the thermostat with the same model, it's just connecting two wires under the same screws. If you're switching to a different thermostat, instructions are usually clear about which two screws to connect the wires to. It shouldn't matter which wire is just, just that it's the right two screws. Some thermostats have more wire connection options for more complex uses. Your Santa Fe, it's just the two wires to connect.