Question about insurance coverage with a new gas stove.

RetiredCarpenterLocal45 Posted By RetiredCarpenterLocal45, Jun 10, 2014 at 3:58 PM

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  1. RetiredCarpenterLocal45

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    Jun 1, 2014
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    I'm installing a Napoleon GDS60 cast iron gas stove in my living room. In fact it's in and waiting for the plumber to extend the gas line. I picked up the paperwork for a permit and I was told I'd need an architect. This morning I talked to a very well connected architect about it. He then called over to the building department and when he got back to me he said ''Now remember I'm very well connected over there and my guy says to not bother with the permit unless you are selling the house.'' He said that it will open up a can of worms, need a new survey, get taxed on fence, shed, widened driveway, need to build firewall between the garage that you can no longer get a car into and the upgraded kitchen. Property tax is already over $13,000 per year. He couldn't answer my question about home/fire insurance with no CO on the stove. I know that the stove is installed to factory specs so it will not be a problem but what about the rest of the house. Does anyone know if the house will be covered if there is a kitchen fire or something else not connected to the stove.
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    I'm glad I don't live in NY.

    the only person that can answer your question is your insurance agent.
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    Just call you insurance agent, if he doesent know have him call your insurance main office. That is what I did. My was all in kill watt British measurements for usa. They still dint now how to write a gas coal effect stove. The gal in the other office new what they were Being British She wrote it up no problem had to convert to English USA. Language BTU distance from flamables etc, Had to get green sticker from a licensed contractor for other gas appliances tested in house. I asked about the gas heating stove, he said good luck.
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