Question about stove pipe diameter.

Skitheeast Posted By Skitheeast, May 3, 2013 at 1:46 PM

  1. Skitheeast

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    Sep 25, 2012
    Hi Everyone,
    I have been offered a free older wood stove that I would like to set up in my basement. I have a Hampton HI 300 in my upstairs fireplace that I installed with a BOP last year with the help of the good folks on this site as well as the informational forums that exist. (Awesome). This is doing great. My question is, can I vent this 80's stove that I believe has an 8" exit pipe into a 7" stovepipe? If not recommended or will reduce draft too much, can I at least taper the 8" stove pipe down to a 7" at the wall / thimble, which is the size of the thimble going into my masonry chimney without sacrificing draft?
    Thanks in advance for your help -
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    How tall is the chimney? Different flue than the HI300? Interior or exterior chimney?
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    What happens after the 7" thimble goes into the masonry chimney? Will you be installing a liner, or dumping straight into the masonry flue? If no liner, what are the inside dimensions of the masonry flue? Vertical distance from the stove to daylight? Rick
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    You shouldn't reduce the diameter of the pipe from the size of the stove collar unless the manufacturer says it is listed and tested to do that. An 80's stove probably has no listing. You can check on the back to see if it has a tag with installation information. If not, there are plenty of stoves with 6" collars out there that can be increased up to 7". A mnasonry chimney should have a liner installed. Problems you may run into if you do reduce it is poor performace from not enough draft, excessive creosote build up and not a legal installation (may not be anyway if not an EPA listed stove-check your local codes) which could effect your home insurance or resale of the house. Just some things to consider.

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