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Fake coal burner Posted By Fake coal burner, Dec 2, 2008 at 2:03 AM

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    Fake coal burner
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    Nov 11, 2008
    Salt Lake City Utah
    My stove is in on the hearth mounted on 2 inch cement block bolted threw tile. I puled out wood burner which sat in to fire place.Reason stove is mounted on blocks is hearth has tile hump going under stove gas valve would not clear it. This stove has no blower kit as an option. B-vent stove. I used this blower for my wood stove set up and it worked great. I am wondering if I could use this same set up. 60 cfm bath fan with snap disk Blower 6 feet from stove with 3 inch single wall aluminum pipe going along wall. 90 deg. elbow then to 3 inch flex inside fire place then to a 3 inch aluminum single wall pipe going under the stove to a vent in front of stove. No air will blow under stove. It stays between 80 and 90 deg. under stove from gas burner and pilot light and tile hearth. I have lots of clearance no air blockage,.

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