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    I searched your site and could not find a solution to my problem. I did find some related questions and answers in your Q&A records 418 and 608.

    I was told that my heatilator had a rusted firebox and holes throughout the smoke chamber. The Chimney Sweep said that the fireplace could not be used because smoke would mix with the fresh air leaving the heat vents on the side of the hearth - and then enter the living space. He gave the standard recommendation of putting an insert or stove in - and running pipe.

    Could any of the following ideas work?

    IDEA ONE: Since it is only the heatilator and damper that are defective, could I seal off the side vents with brick and add a top-sealing damper? While this would negate the heating benefits of the heatilator, wouldn't it create a functional open hearth fireplace?

    IDEA TWO: Could I remove the heatilator, seal the side vents, reline the hearth with firebricks, and then install a top-sealing damper?

    Thanks for your help - I can't afford an insert or the pipe right now.


    John, neither of those ideas are really safe. Your options:

    1. Either an insert or stove with stainless steel piping.
    2. Rebuild the rusted part using a kit like Bellfire(Note, this is very expensive): http://www.chimneymanns.com/fireplace.htm
    3. Use an electric insert or logs

    Sorry for the bad news, but to my knowledge these are the correct options.

    Link: BellFire
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