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    I read a lot of your material and q and a's before I recently installed a small woodstove in my home. I really listened to your advice on the importance of chimneys and drafting and boy does it make a difference. It is so easy to start and keep a fire going and I tell it is burning really clean. Anyways my manufacturer's specs say I can burn any solid fuels and mention 'presto' logs. Are these the same as duraflame logs for fireplaces. I noticed it is not generally recommended by the makers of duraflame logs. My woodstove has a draft control on the bottom so I know air is not a problem, and has firebrick on the bottom and sides and across the top to separate a small chamber for secondary combustion. And it seems hard to imagine they burn too hot as a few good hardwood logs turn into what seems to be an awfully hot bed of coals. Any advice you have would be appreciated


    Duraflames and most other decorative logs have wax in them and should not be used in a closed woodstove. Some "fake" logs are made without wax additives, and these would be OK to burn..however, these logs seem to hard to find - especially on the east coast. Best bet, and cheapest too, is to use good old wood.
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