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    I am planning to install a Hearthstone Sterling Propane stove on a stone tile floor. I have not installed the floor yet because I am not sure how to obtain the necessary fire resistance. My questions are

    1) The stone tile has almost no insulating value so I will need to insulate between the combustibles and the stone tile. I understand that I need at least r-1 rating. What type of material is suitable?

    2) Will I need a special tile adhesive that is fire resistent or high temperature rated? How hot should I expect the floor under the stove to get?

    3) The stone has some unevenness. Can the stove be leveled on a slightly uneven floor?

    4) Is there any additional installation instructions related to the floor that you can send me. The stove I am ordering will be delivered and installed on 8/12/98 so I need to have the floor completed before then.


    ) Not being sure how thick your stone tile is, I can still offer some suggestions. Place one or two 1/2" thick pieces of Wonderboard or Durarock cement board down on the floor. If you are going to use only one thickness, place a piece of sheet metal against the wood floor underneath it.

    2) Best to use "thin-set" cement mortar instead of the mastic adhesives. This cement works better anyway. The floor covering can hit 200 degrees or more (as hot as a radiator in an old home), mostly in front of the stove due to the radiant heat out of the glass. The temperature directly underneath the stove should be much lower.

    3) Yes, if the stove does not have leveling bolts in the legs, you can use any metal (like a coin or washers) to level it.

    4) Most stove manuals are very incomplete when it comes to the floor protection. They give complicated formula for calculation of R-Values. This is useless in the real world where we are not all rocket scientists.

    It would be a good idea for you to have the manual in hand before the installation. Check with your local dealer or HearthStone for this (http://www.hearthstonestoves.com)

    Link: HearthStone Web Site
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