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    I intend to heat a large (19'x19'x20') sun room with a gas (propane) stove- but am concerned about the quality of heat considering the room size and height. My assumption is that a radiant heat source will be more comfortable than a convective source for this room. My theory is that by putting my stove in a corner- away from windows- and lining the walls behind it with the appropriate material- I can get more heat reflected into the room. I don't believe I want thermal mass around the stove since a gas stove should be instant on/off. If my assumptions are true- what material should I place around the stove? Is a visible-light mirror the most effective infrared reflector? Would I be better off with some type of gas heater other than a gas stove made to mimic a wood stove?


    You are correct in that you don't want the heat to travel backwards. It would only get soaked through the wall- and heat the great outdoors.Most gas heaters- whether stoves or wall hung basic heaters ARE designed to produce a tremendous amount of radiant heat- and also are designed to throw it forward..hence the fact that they have reduced or "0" clearance to the rear walls. If you are just looking for heat- you can get the radiant wall type (no vent or direct vent) which will cost much less than a decorative stove. If you are looking for a fireplace or stove look- these will do the job - but cost a bunch more. Wall Heaters are $300-$700 - Stoves/Fireplaces $900 to $2000
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