Rais 106


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Jun 14, 2019
Greenport, NY 11944
hi all, here is my story. Since studying architecture in the 70's I have really loved the Rais wood stoves designed by Ben Falk in Denmark. I said to myself that when I build my house I will put in a Rais classic stove. Well, it took a little longer than I wanted but I finally built my house in Greenport, Long Island, NY. The house is a Passive House and although I found a Rais stove and hoped to use it, it will not work with a Passive House (there is no direct exterior intake). So now I have the stove but can't use it. It is a beauty and I can keep it around as a sculpture but I'd rather sell to someone that has been searching for one like me. If you are or know someone please let them know. It weighs a ton so it may be too expensive to ship but try me anyway. Thanks



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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Send a PM. That will email notify the OP.