Ravelli RV80 auger crushing pellets

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Nov 17, 2020
I've been running this store for a few years. The past couple weeks, the auger keeps jamming. I'm using high end softwood pellets, made sure they're not powdered, still the auger packs with sawdust and jams after about 24 hours. I was thinking the cover plate isn't allowing the pallets to move freely enough, but I think in this stove, the pellets should just be elevated up the auger and not pushed, so perhaps there is a blockage or restriction at the top of the cute to the pot preventing the pellets from dropping cleanly.
Any ideas on the cause?
Is it possible to clean the chute really well other than just trying to get a wire brush from the pot side?

The am you in advance.

Mt Bob

Minister of Fire
Oct 31, 2013
park county montana
Wire brush?? It should be clean and smooth, as should your auger and it's tube. Usually hot water and soap, but if bad, use any chemical that is good to clean up lignin. I hope you have not severely damaged the tube.
If you regularly get carbon in the tube, could be from pot overfilling and backing up the tube. Theye will almost always be a bit, near the fire pot, that may need scraped.