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    I am considering a pellet stove for my home. I like the Breckwell and the Whitfield. The Breckwell P23FSL has 40,000 BTU and the Whitfield Quest Plus has 28,000 BTU. The area I wish to heat is the lower level of my bi-level home. It is about 1100 sft. Both of these stoves are about the same price. I'm wondering which one will be more expensive to run? Should I go with the Breckwell because it has more BTU? Or should I go with the Whitfield? Appreciate your insight. Thank you.


    Each pound of Pellets will produce about 5,000 BTU out to the room. Therefore, if you needed 40,000 BTU, it would burn 8 pounds of pellets/hour...or about 200 lbs every 24 hours - a ton every ten days.

    In reality, very few houses need this sort of heat from a space heater. However, not knowing where you live and the construction of your home, I would hate to recommend an output. It might do you good to compare the BTU output with other common devices:

    1. Plug-in Electric heater: 5500 BTU/Hour
    2. Kerosene small rectangular unit: 10-12,000 BTU/hour
    3. Round Kerosene heather: 20-22,000 BTU/hour

    Perhaps you have experience with one or another of these and can compare your heating needs. Of course, Pellet stoves can be turned up and down easily, so probably no harm done even if you choose the larger one.
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