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QandA Posted By QandA, Jan 1, 2005 at 2:20 PM

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    I have a Vermont Casting Resolute. I didn't buy it new but still love just the same. Anyway,,,, This season I noticed a hair line crack in the very back of it (8 or so inches below the damper door) and was hoping that this is a replaceable item. I'm pretty handy with my hands . I don't want to have it welded. Next question I'd like to put a tee in the stove pipe for cleaning purposes. I really didn't like walking on my roof and thought that with a tee I could clean it easier. What do you think? thanks for your time


    It may be better to leave the hairline crack alone for now. The resolute has a fireback built within the stove, and therefore the crack is probably not in the outside plate of the stove. Even if it is, a hairline crack with little or no warping may be better left untouched. The stoves can be rebuilt, but it is quite a difficult and dirty job. Part MIGHT be available..since Vermont Castings only stocked certain parts on discontinued stoves after a number of years pass. As far as the tee goes, you may have a tough time putting a chimney brush and rods into a tee...the 90 degree angle to head upwards is pretty steep. You may be able to simply take the stovepipe off the stove top and insert the chimney brush and rods from the bottom. Professional sweeps do this and use a high powered vac to keep the dust down. They also tie a trash bag to the bottom of the pipe..and make a hole in it to pass the rods thru.
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