Read-me - Rules for Classifieds Section!

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Nov 17, 2005
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Welcome to the Classified section!
Ads will stay active for approx. 4 weeks.
If your unit sells and you want to stop getting responses - just edit the ad and put "sold" in the beginning of the text.

In general, this section is limited to the following types of ads:

1. Person to person (individual) sales of hearth products, parts, related tools, wanted parts, etc.
Most of these will be used items, although it is possible that an individual will occasionally need to sell a new stove which they purchased and are unable to install (for various reasons).

2. Special "one off" sales of Hearth products by dealers or others
Dealers, distributors and others who have discontinued, used or otherwise heavily discounted hearth or related products may post ads. In general, such sales must be at least 30% off the usual retail price to qualify as "one off".

3. Help Wanted - or Job Wanted
For hearth industry positions

For any other applications, please email me with your request -

Note that classifieds cannot be replied to - only posted. Potential buyers can contact you by starting a conversation (they are one-to-one) or by email/phone if you list those in your ad.

Please post your location in the ad so prospective buyers know if picking up the product is a possibility!
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