Really Neat Book - The Fisher Stove Story

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I would love to finish reading the book, very interesting story.
I hope your scanner is ready for exercise! I look forward to reading the rest.

They were great stoves I had one for many years. I had a Papa Bear. Used it until I went to the outdoor boiler.
Helluva tease Craig. Fishers were very big out here. You can find a solid used one almost any day on local craigslistings. Looking forward to the unfolding story.
I had to stop when reading that sentence. Was this the early 1900s or 1970s? The folks that I know that don't bathe with reasonable frequency are national trail hikers.
BeGreen said:
I had to stop when reading that sentence. Was this the early 1900s or 1970s? The folks that I know that don't bathe with reasonable frequency are national trail hikers.

The outfitters at elk camp made fun of me for showering from those bags you hang in a tree every 3 days. They were in for a month already. No shower...Everything smelled like campfire and horse anyway. Life is different for some folks.

Great story! Thanks for sharing.

A great read. Thanks Craig!
Glad you are enjoying it.
I enjoyed the little tale......rare to see an accurate portrayal like this.

That's probably why they yanked the book off the market......didn't fit in with the corporate plan.

It does show, however, that it is STILL POSSIBLE for someone to start something in their shed or backyard and make it to the big time.
And it shows what has been demonstrated time after time. The ones that can start'em ain't the ones to run'em after they grow. Two different breeds of cat.

Jack Tramiel at Commodore was a prime example and knew it. When he brought in somebody to run the company he said "I know how to build a company, not run one.". Of course later his board showed him the door.
I guess im still a bit of a newbie and i will contribute some of my ignorance of this story to the fact that I wasn't around till it was over or almost over I really dont even know when fisher quit building stoves but I just didn't realize how big of a deal fisher was and that so many familiar name brand stoves were really imitations. I understand that through the eyes of the author (who was she and how was she part of Bob Fishers life?) Fisher was the biggest and best stove manufacturer in the United States maybe the world. Was it that big or is it just perspective. Anyhow it makes me grin just a bit to think of the story and look at the shiny plated letters on the front of mine and take a little pride in knowing that i get to use a stove that is a product of an industry dynasty.
Does it really end at page 123 and him with a standing ovation? What a great American story!

Thank you for sharing this. I hope there is more tho! Was the book never finished? Seems like a strange ending.

Regardless, it's one hell of a story and I truly appreciate your efforts in scanning it to share. Man does the site's text look sharp after reading that in one sitting!

Thanks again,

kate33 said:
Where can we get the copy? I like a great read.

I just couldn't sit at the computer to read it any more as my wife was accusing me of being on the stove forum. Never heard of it. ;-) Anyways, I went to our well known book store in the north here and they were able to track me down a copy as it was a publication. It turned out not to be anything close. But thanks for introducing it Craig. I was sitting by my BK in the evenings with a fire this week enjoying your printed version from my printer with a little bit of Gibson's Finest. Thanks Again! The $30 ink cartrige was worth it.
I still can't get over where it ended!

Just ordered a used copy from somebody at Amazon for !5$. Thanks for the headsup, sounds interesting!
Good, quick read, but he needs to finish the book.
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