Recommendations for insert: Lopi, Regency or Pacific Energy?

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New Member
Mar 23, 2021
Halifax, Nova Scotia
We have an old masonry fireplace - measures 27 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 23 inches high. Currently have a tiny Jotul sitting in front of the hearth and love it, however we need the space back, so we are looking to get a wood burning insert put in.

Given the dimensions of the fireplace, we have a few options:
Regency Alterra
Regency i1500
Pacific Energy Vista LE
Lopi Answer Next-gen Fyre

We burn on evenings and weekends in the winter, for additional heat, and in the summer for "coziness". The room is in the back of the house and is a long narrow room with the living room at the other end (weird layout but it is an old house so we can't do much about that). The fireplace is near our dining room table. So we want a blower to circulate the air.

Just looking for any feedback on these inserts. Any recommendations or warnings? Thanks!