Regency Ci2700 Thermometer

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Oct 8, 2020
Fargo, ND
We just had our chimney and Cat cleaned by our chimney sweep. Now the thermostat won't read any higher than 350. We are just entering the burn season, but we've used the stove almost everyday during the burn season the past two years and everything is working fine. It's not that the stove isn't getting up to temp, its just the thermostat isn't reading correctly. Our local dealer is completely worthless and Regency won't respond without us talking to the local dealer.

I can see how the thermostat mounts in the bracket on top of the stove, but it doesn't seem like it should have been touched when cleaning the Cat. In fact, I dont think it can come out without pulling the stove out.

Im planning on pulling it all apart, but was hoping someone had an easy answer first. :)
The thermometer probe may have gotten dislocated or damaged. Is the cat glowing hot? Is there smoke coming out of the chimney when the fire is established.
I just took the cat out and saw that the probe had gotten pushed up during the cleaning where only a little was exposed below the surface. Pulled it back down and cleaned it with some steel wool That should fix it.
Good deal. That should get you back in business.
Can anyone point me towards an interpretation manual for the CI2700 digital monitor? I've been running my stove for 2 months under the impression that LO meant too low to engage cat, and HI meant too hot to disengage cat. My installer says LO means too cool to engage cat, and HI means it's too hot, to reduce airflow. Regency issues a small pamphlet manual that says if the display says HI, that means something is wrong with the probe placement or connection, so I'm completely confused about safe operations. IF, per Regency, HI means something is installed wrong, then what does LO mean? One might assume there would be a point where neither LO nor HI would be displayed, and I am absolutely in dismay.

On top of this, my stove is currently firing around 1100, cat engaged of course, and sometimes the display will show HI and the LO and then LO several times, and then HI a few more times when turning it on and off within minutes. Instructions say to let it stabilize for 3 minutes to ensure accurate temp reading - but LO and HI only display immediately upon activation. AND every once in a while, it will say -39.7, or some such number between -37 and -40. It will do this even when the cat is engaged and the unit itself is clearly well over 800 F.

I am absolutely lost. Yes, I am in contact with my retailer-installer.