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New Member
Sep 29, 2021
The wife would like to convert our natural fireplace to gas. We've looked at some inserts at local stores, but are having a difficult time selecting something. This will be in our living room, and will primarily serve an aesthetic purpose. We're finding that some of the models look really artificial, which we don't care for. Which brands/models are good quality and realistic looking? We're in Michigan, so we'll mostly be using in the cold weather months. The room is 15x15. The house is 2400sf. Our existing firebox is on the smaller side:.

Opening: W31" x H29" x D22"
Flue: 9" x 13". Height: 18'

Any suggestions? Much appreciated.


Full Time RVer
Staff member
Dec 2, 2008
Wherever we're parked
None of the brands available are foolproof, as far as reliability goes.
All of them may have issues at one time or another if required preventative
maintenance is not performed on a regular basis.
You say you have seen inserts that do not look realistic.
I suggest you visit different hearth shops in your area,
armed with the dimensions of your fireplace, & look at
MORE manufacturers models.
You have to know what will fit before you can know which ones to look at.
Once you find a unit you think might fit your needs,
run it thru its paces. Listen to the blower. Play with the remote.
Look at the different flame height settings.
Good luck with your search.


Feeling the Heat
Dec 13, 2015
No insert will look as real as a wood fire. You will have to sacrifice a little. That being said I like Regency inserts. Look at the E33 or HR14. It's a good product with good warranty and common replacement parts down the road when you need them. Imho.