Remote ducting- Kozy Z42

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Jan 18, 2013
Williamson, GA
Considering using one of the knockout ducts on the unit to pump heat to our upstairs- anyone got experience with this? The run would be in the 20’ range limit. I called the dealer I purchased the unit from and I can buy the kit for $310. Our install would be ran through the attic- I know there will be some heat loss but I’m just not sure what to expect. Our house is not an open concept so the living room can get pretty toasty at times so I’m thinking that piping some of that heat upstairs might help out in that respect. Unfortunately when the unit was installed I did not plan for this so I will have to pull the siding off from the exterior chase to gain access to the top of the unit. Our 6” class A pipe uses a metal shroud/firewall when it passes through plywood- would this new run need the same type of firewall?

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