Renovating a century old house - Part 2 - Stove picking

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Nov 7, 2021
Quebec, Canada
Hi folks, here's an update to my old thread after almost a full year of planning and renos. And a new question ;)

The renos are currently on-going with the sprayfoam being applied everywhere today. Looking at the plans in the old thread (attached below), we decided to shift things around and add an office/guest bedroom + dedicated entrance + restroom/laundry room where the garage is located. We will end with something close to a 2500 sf fully insulated house.

My SO and I decided to opt for a wood stove and not for a ZC unit, which will be located in zone B in the plans. I'm now faced with a decision: which stove to pick.

While the stove will be located in a central location/open portion of the house, I'm still uncertain about how the heat will flow in the house (the ceilings in the living room/dining room/kitchen are low (a tad more than 7'), and I'm trying to balance out the following 2 aspects for the woodstove: (a) I want to be able to heat as much of the house as possible with the stove especially when we hit the cold Quebec winter snaps of -35C, but (b) I don't want to toast the whole family while we watch a movie in the living room where the stove will be sitting. I understand I might be looking for a unicorn here...The previous 37k BTU Drolet (steel) was in fact toasting us to a crisp 28-30C when cranked up before the renos so I'm leaning a bit more towards cast iron/soapstone stoves at the moment.

One dealer came up with the Hearthstone Heritage and Hearthstone Green Mountain 60. Wondering what folks think about these - I'm not sure I want to go the CAT route as we may rent the house down the road in a couple of years so ease of use could be preferable, but thinking about it as I do enjoy doing long burns.

Any suggestions of stoves/sizing in our circumstances? A friend of mine acquired a Pacific Energy stove last year and I think I may have an interest there (looking at the cast iron Alderlea T5), but also interested in seeing what you guys come up with.

Also worth noting, my SO has an interest in modern-looking stoves (e.g. PE Neo) but all I could find were steel versions of these, so I'm trying to push her towards cast-iron/traditional-looking stoves...not easy to balance all of this!

Thanks folks

Renovating a century old house - Part 2 - Stove picking Renovating a century old house - Part 2 - Stove picking