Repairing Compression Tire Marks on Lawn after Tree Removal

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Feeling the Heat
Sep 16, 2015
We had some trees down a few years ago and the crane marks stayed for a while but eventually went away after a year or two. Well more trees down again this week and new tire marks from the crane.
Any easy hacks to fix / blend them back in?

It’s getting late in the season to plant new grass, so I don’t want to just go out and rototill it to unpack the soil. I was planning on going a little extra heavy over the area with the plug aerator and maybe use a shovel to help lift up the soil. Anything else?
Probably easier to fill with top soil. If you have some. I'm waiting for tire tracks from the cable TV bucket truck to fill in. It was this last spring in the sunk about 4 inches. About half gone. i think the frost heave will level it..
The worst of it will be gone by spring...time and rain/dry cycles, and also freeze/thaw cycles will get most of it...if you don't want to wait you will have to get some dirt to fill in...or till up
I have ruts from where lift truck was this spring putting up solar panels. Think I may just level and add soil and seed. Stinks when cutting the grass now, had nice flat area now I forget and get shocked everytime I hit them .
That should be the job of the company that made the marks. A good company will bring in machine support so they do not tear up your lawn.. Even the cable tv company is responsible for fixing. I used to do property management and every time a utility or service came in and damaged the lawns i would call them and have them come and repair the damage. Only had to get pissy with the phone company once and ended up telling them come fix the damage or come remove your service from the building.. they were their the next day fixing
I work for a electrical utility. So ive had my share of fixing ruts! We would fill them in with top soil, use a hand tamp, or wacker packer. Then seed and straw. If you ever have this happen again ask the utility, do you have mats to put down? They are fiberglass that allows the truck to drive on them. Or, break down large wood cable reels, lay them down. This will cut down on some of the sinking by distributing weight. Not much a homeowner can do when a utility has a easement but we would try to work with them.
Use a pitch fork and work it into the ground to fluff it. The tires compressed the soil so all you need to do is work it back loose. Just wiggle the fork back and forth or gently pry the soil up.
That’s basically what I did. I used a digging fork sunk 10-12 inches down and then pulled back to lift the sod and loosen the solid below. Did that every foot or so. It definitely made a difference. We’ll see if it settles back down again.
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Good ideas. I still have ruts from 2017 when I had concrete poured for my big satellite dish. I’ve tried a heavy rake in the spring during the limited time after the snow melted and before the grass really set in. Also tried a massive lawn roller loaded up with as much weight as possible and didn’t touch it. Next year I might just borrow a rototiller and level the areas. It’s hell hitting them every time I mow.
Fill with soil & seed cover with straw, or fill with soil and let it go. The surrounding grass will eventually take over the bare area.
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