Replacement latch / or full handle for old Waterford stove

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New Member
Jan 8, 2024
I'm trying to track down a replacement latch for an old Stanley Stove - Model Waterford MH-11048

The side door handle has lost the latch piece that allows the door to shut - the handle just pulled out loose and I guess the latch and nut holding it on fell off but can't be found anywhere - probably swept up and thrown out with the ashes. I'm struggling to find anywhere to buy a replacement. Just the latch if possible but I'd buy a whole new handle if necessary.
MH-11048 does not ring a bell for a Waterford model. Usually they have either a 2 or 3 digit model like the 90 or 104, or a named model like the Leprachaun or Erin or Fiona.