Replacing control board

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Oct 15, 2016
New Bloomfield, PA
I have a Whitfield Profile 30 that works fairly well. I want to upgrade the control board, however, to one with more features such as "idle mode" instead of a complete shutdown, and a little more fine tuning regarding pellet feed rate on the high setting. Does anyone know of a "universal" or other brand board that will fit my stove and give me these features?
There is only one control panel built for each model, no upgrades.
You have a terminal block on the back. If hooked up to a thermostat, when set to a certain temp say 75 degrees, it will break the circuit and put the stove into "low" mode. You can tell this mode by both fan and feed light will blink and stay at #1 setting. I bought a standard thermostat and hooked it up to the heat side. When below 75 it will have those contacts closed (shorted like the wire in back) running the stove in standard mode. When the room heat gets to 76, it will open the circuit, and go into low mode until the temp drops.
If you buy a programmed thermostat, you can play with the setting and drop the heat if you are not home (say 65 degrees) and it will stay in low mode if possible. Usually it's warmer during the day. This never shuts the stove off, but you stove has to work in "low" mode. There are stoves that can shut down, but if it has a problem with it starting up... you'll come back to a cold house.
I have a thermostat hooked up, but when it breaks the circuit, the stove goes into shutdown mode. When the thermostat calls for heat, the stove starts back up. That's the main reason i want to look into a different board.
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