Q&A Restoring Jotul 602, Paint, etc.

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    Dear Sirs: We bought our second 602 Jotul last fall only to find my husband has become asthmatic so we are now selling it. After taking it out of the fireplace this June and storing it in the garage it now has pit marks on the stove and rust on the burner. I don't think this should have happened so soon. I would like to know how to get the rust off the burner unit as someone will be looking at it soon and is there anything to be done with the pit marks on the body of the stove? Also the first Jotul we purchased in the late 70's has a hair line crack in the back of the stove, can this piece be replaced? We had much enjoyment and warmth from this unit and it lasted quite along time. We are looking into your gas inserts and hope to have one by this winter season


    Rust on cast-iron is usually just on the surface and is nothing to be concerned about. On the painted part of the stove, simply rub with some steel wool or a wire brush and repaint with stove paint (1200 degree)...On the machined griddle, use fine emery cloth..and use a little oil after you get it back to bare metal. This will protect it.

    Yes, you can get parts for older Jotul Stoves. Check out the Jotul website.

    Link: Jotul Web Site
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