Review of Wood home heating DVDs

Jotul_Rockland Posted By Jotul_Rockland, Mar 4, 2010 at 7:49 PM

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    Dec 27, 2009
    This DVD is a very good resource for a intermediate level wood burner such as myself. The first DVD gave very good overview of safely and effectively burning wood to heat the space. The information that I found very specifically useful

    1) types of wood burning units ( such as Stoves, Gassification boilers).
    2) How to start a fire
    3) How to minimize creosote ( Key point)
    4) How to move wood inside the house
    5) Safety
    6) Tools

    It has very useful tips of the trade that you don't read in the stove manuals. One example of that was to leave the stove door open till the fire gets going very well.

    The second DVD has very good information about safely cutting, splitting and seasoning wood. The information that I specifically found very useful

    1) Using a chain saw safely
    2) Splitting using a maul/ Hydraulic splitter
    3) Seasoning wood

    The DVD was professionally done and the subject was well researched. I would recommend this DVD.
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