Reviews of Osburn Horizon or Valcourt FP15 Waterloo

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Apr 18, 2020
Ellsworth, WI
I am looking for any user reviews for the Osburn Horizon or Valcourt FP15 Waterloo zero clearance fireplaces. They appear to be the same units. I'm interested in hearing likes or dislikes of these units and have found no specific reviews on the forum.

I have narrowed my choices down to these two units. Important factors for me is to find the largest glass viewing area as possible, non-cat models and having the ability to connect an auxiliary heating distribution kit. In that category, I have found the Napolean NZ6000 but the price being double than other units is hard for me to justify. I also looked at the Wilkening Granview which I like for glass size but dislike for the inability to damper down the fresh air. I've also looked closely at the Pacific Energy FP30 and Opels but glass size is just not large enough for the location it will be placed.

Thanks in advance for your help and review.
These are new models on the market. We haven't had any reports on them. They are big beasts. If you choose one, please document the install and let us know how you like it.
The Quadrafire 7100 (Heat & Glo Northstar) is a popular large fireplace. Also, look at the FPX 44 Elite.

Valcourt also has a less efficient line which gets into larger glass area. Look under decorative fireplaces on their website. You might also want to look at Napoleon's fireplace options. One caveat on some of these very big fireplaces. The weak point can be the doors. It takes some strong hinges to support the weight of the double doors while keeping proper alignment and a good seal. There have been reports of some problems with the Napoleon NZ6000 doors over time.
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