Right for us? Noisy and hot to the touch?


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Jul 21, 2019
Hi! Just found this forum looking for info on pellet stoves that wasn't from manufacturers or stores, or from more than 5 years ago. A lot of good stuff on here! Here's the situation. Renovating an old smallish farmhouse in an area with a climate similar to a rainy N. California if such a thing exists. We will put a woodburning stove in the living room and are thinking of putting a pellet stove in the kitchen/dining (all one room). The upstairs has electric radiators but am hoping the warmth from the chimney going through the house will also help keep it warm.
The question is about the pellet stove in the kitchen. It's a smallish space and would be situated 3 feet from where we sit. Is it annoyingly noisy if we like to sit there quietly reading with a cup of tea? And is it burning hot to the touch as it is quite near where people walk around?
The pluses are the economy of running it and the ability to turn it on as we're getting to the house.
I might note that I'm more and more aware that we are getting old (50 and 60) and do not want to have to do too much difficult daily maintenance. Cleaning out ashes is OK. :)
We are in Europe so we'll be looking at European models.


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Sep 10, 2018
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All stoves have maintenance. Harmon is good model, but expensive. In Europe I suggest you go to store and ask. Go to Manuf web sites. Harmon has lots of good video's on maintenance. Pellet stove won't be as hot on sides as Wood Stove, but glass will be very hot. Here is Harmon's Videos:

Pellet stoves (most of them) have fans. On Medium you get used to it. Wood stoves you can turn off fan.

Wood stoves also need cleaning. Ash Removal. More Chimney cleaning and such.


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Apr 27, 2017
Eastern Alps, Italy
Welcome to Hearth.com! If you are looking for pellet stoves, take a look at the models made by La nordica (huge choice) , Thermorossi (high prices but very quiet), Ravelli (good compromise between price and performance).
I think they are all sold in Spain. Be aware though that pellet stoves need far more maintenance than wood stoves, and if power goes off, you can’t use them. Have you considered a wood cooker for the kitchen? There are a couple of Spanish manufacturers that make beautiful wood cookers... Lacunza and Hergom IIRC
Where are you located in Catalunya?


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Jul 21, 2019
Thanks for those suggestions! We are in La Garrotxa, a lovely area no one seems to have heard of!
I was just looking at the Lacunza cookers. They are indeed beautiful but I think it would be a little too hardcore for us if that were our only oven, and we don't have room for two. I guess we really need to decide if it makes more sense to do a pellet or wood stove in the kitchen. I'll check out the manufacturers you recommended Alpine. Gràcies!