Q&A rising heat from gas stove?

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Nov 27, 2012

Hi Craig, Our Townsend I is now installed in the house...!! The other morning, it was a bit chilly so we turned it on but noticed that the room it was in didn't get very warm. (the living room and kitchen are rather open to one another.) The stove itself got quite hot and right in front it was hot...but it wasn't until I lifted my arm into the air that I noticed that nearer the ceiling it was quite warm. The shop advised us that we didn't need a blower, that the stove would be plenty warm to heat the space (~ 50 long and maybe 15 wide).

I put a small fan on top of an armoir and pointed it towards the ceiling to stir the air and the room DID get warmer....but I'm concerned. One of the reasons we got the stove was in the event of a power outage...and then NO fans...

I'm puzzled....this stove is rated for 27,000 BTU...why aren't we warmer?? (it was professionally installed and inspected). I thought the stove would radiate as much heat outwards as upwards....


All heat, however it is produced, will rise very quickly. Even if you use a blower, it will tend to rise toward the ceiling. That said, a blower on the stove or a ceiling fan may help to circulate though such a long room.

27,000 BTU is a nice amount and should warm the room pretty well. It can take awhile for the heat to spread throughout the entire area. During a power failure, you'll probably run the stove 100% of the time, which should keep you from getting too cold. Experiment a bit..and if the ceiling allows, install a fan to push the air down.
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