Rose Install: Part 4

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Dec 22, 2010
Southeastern PA
Hear ya go

Pic 1: We're connected.

Pic 2: My paranoid furnace cement seal between unit and stove connector. I know I'm gonna hear it on this one.

Pic 3: Firebox.

Pic 4: Panels on, doors open.

Pic 5: First break in fire. Trim isn't on yet.

Pic 6: Smoke please.

Pic 7: Trimmed up...Hi, my name is Rose. I'm ready to go.


  • Rose Install: Part 4
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  • Rose Install: Part 4
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  • Rose Install: Part 4
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  • Rose Install: Part 4
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  • Rose Install: Part 4
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  • Rose Install: Part 4
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  • Rose Install: Part 4
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Very nice!
That's a beauty! Throw a post or two up once it really gets into the cold season with how it burns for ya.
Thanks guys. It was rewarding to light the first fire in it. Might do another break in tonight.
Looks good.
What can I say? It looks great!! Congrats!

Break in #2 right now. Just cracked a Coors Light.
Great job! Enjoy!
Sit back and enjoy the results of a job well done. And a great looking wood burner.
great install. What size firebox?
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