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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 17, 2007 at 8:32 PM

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    We have a Regency large steel stove. It is one year old and has gone through one heating season. This summer, I noticed that the top of the stove, and also the fins on the vents from the fan that is installed on top of it (a Regency fan that draws air up behind the stove and then blows it out across the top) have rust, and a chalky white residue. I think these are both from our keeping an enamel pot on top of the stove with water in it. Sometimes when we poured the water in it overflowed, but it appeared to turn to steam immediately and burn off. My questions: 1. Is the rust a problem?
    2. What should I do about the rust?
    3. If the fix involves paint, am I going to get a burning paint smell when we fire the stove up again in the Fall?
    4. Is it o.k. to keep using the pot of water? It really does a great job of humidifying the house. Thanks.


    The rust is not really a problem unless it gets very deep. Even in that case, it's not going to rust through the stove...just affects the looks.

    A little steel wool should clean it up nicely. If you like, you can spray a bit of the matching stove paint on. This small amount of paint will not cause too much of a smell when the stove starts again.

    Yes, it is fine to keep the water on there..just clean it up every spring or summer.
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